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File: Batman - The Dark Knight - Movie Trailer.mpg
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File: The Psychology Of The Dark Knight - Batman Unmasked.avi
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File: Batman - Dark Knight (Trailer 2 - bootleg).flv
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File: The Dark Knight.mp4
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File: The Dark Knight.wmv
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File: The Dark Knight Returns Trailer.MP4
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you need windows media player to do theses steps. step 1: select open with after the download. STEP 2: select windows media player. windows media player will pop up then it will say yes or no for the film to start and the film should work
File: the dark knight vs the woliveine the movie.wmv
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File: How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended.mp4
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File: The Dark Knight HD 1080p Trailer.mp4
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File: The Dark Knight Audio Mix (Motivational).mp4
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